Think YOU won’t be impacted by the CR Budget Cuts? Think AGAIN!

February 19, 2011 at 15:13 (Consumerism, Freedoms, Law, Oklahoma, Protests and Boycotts, Rambles and Rumbles, Responsibilities, Rights, Views and Opinions, Voluneering and Community Service)

So, you think these new budget cuts won’t impact YOUR life, YOUR family, or YOUR jobs?  Well, here’s a short list from the House Committee on Appropriations that might make you think again…

The List of some of the more than 70 Spending Cuts to be Included in the CR follows:

[Take from]

·         Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy   -$899M
·         NOAA   -$336M
·         National Drug Intelligence Center   -$11M
·         Law Enforcement Wireless Communications   -$52M
·         US Marshals Service   -$10M
·         FBI   -$74M
·         State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance   -$256M
·         Juvenile Justice   -$2.3M
·         COPS   -$600M
·         NASA   -$379M
·         NSF   -$139M
·         Food Safety and Inspection Services   -$53M
·         Rural Development Programs   -$237M
·         WIC   -$758M
·         FDA   -$220M
·         DOE Loan Guarantee Authority   -$1.4B
·         Smithsonian   -$7.3M
·         National Park Service   -$51M
·         National Endowment for the Arts   -$6M
·         National Endowment for the Humanities   -$6M
·         Job Training Programs  -$2B
·         Community Health Centers  -$1.3B
·         Maternal and Child Health Block Grants  -$210M
·         Family Planning  -$327M
·         Poison Control Centers  -$27M
·         CDC   -$755M
·         NIH   -$1B
·         Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services   -$96M
·         Community Services Block Grant   -$405M
·         HUD Community Development Fund   -$530M

And it’s not stopping there. Some programs that aren’t mentioned specifically here are thinks like PBS, the Corporation for National and Community Service (aka AmeriCorps, SeniorCorps, Learn and Serve America, and others), YouthBuild (a Department of Labor Program), NPR, Heating Assistance for Low Income Families and Seniors, Food Pantries, Homeless Shelters, and who even knows for sure what else!

This is a sad, sad time for America. But we’re not beyond hope yet.

On Friday the 25th, 2011, I will be taking part in the Save Service District Day at James Lankford’s office in downtown Oklahoma City, at the corner of 10th and Broadway Avenue (just north of Automobile Alley, north of downtown OKC). The event will take place from about noon to 1pm. Please fee free to join me! Send me a message for more details.

Together, You and I can help SAVE so much that is important to our nation. I hope to see you there!

Yours in Service!
-Katrina Henderson (aka mk)


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