What is America Coming To!?

February 19, 2011 at 21:32 (Rambles and Rumbles)

Today, I received the following VERY DISAPPOINTING email:

Dear “Save Service” Partners,

Early Saturday morning, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1, legislation that would make deep cuts in government spending for the rest of the fiscal year. The measure – which eliminates the Corporation for National and Community Service and its programs — passed 235-189. Click here to learn how your Representative voted.

The House vote is just one step in the legislative process. The bill has been sent to the Senate for their consideration, and the Senate and the President will have opportunities to shape and influence the final spending package. But it is up to us to make certain that the final bill restores funding for service!

Members of Congress have left Washington and returned home for a week-long recess. They will be back in their states and districts talking to constituents, and this presents the perfect opportunity for us to express our disappointment with the House vote and ask that funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service be restored in the final spending bill.

We must take full advantage of this Congressional break and this starts with “Save Service District Day” on Friday, February 25th. I encourage you to visit www.saveservice.org

for more information and to sign up to visit your local congressional district office with other service champions.  On www.saveservice.org, you will also find a Save Service widget to add to your organization’s website.  Additional tools and instructions are being added to the site daily.

We also suggest you send letters to your local paper, attend town hall meetings, and use every available opportunity to talk about what will be lost if H.R. 1 becomes a reality.

We know H.R. 1 – as it passed the House – will not be the final funding package. But Congress must reach a compromise before March 4th or the government will shut down.   Tough choices on funding priorities will have to be made and we have to work very hard to ensure that any compromise restores funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service.

This coming week – please focus on three assignments:

  1. Call your Representative and tell them you oppose H.R. 1.  Explain what services will be lost in your community if that bill – as passed – becomes a law.
  2. Visit www.saveservice.org and sign up to participate in “Save Service District Day” on Friday, February 25th.  Please help us recruit and organize others by emailing your network (suggested template below) and inviting all your supporters to also join a Congressional district visit.
  3. Call your Senators and ask them to pass a Continuing Resolution that restores funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Talking points and call instructions can be found on www.saveservice.org/pages/action-center.

Last week, we launched on several key social media channels.  Our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/saveservice and our Twitter handle is @saveservice

.  Please share, follow and promote these widely to your networks— the greater following we can develop, the quicker we will be able to widely disseminate information and updates on the campaign.

H.R. 1 included deep and devastating cuts across a wide swath of federal agencies and programs.   Programs funded through the Labor-HHS-Education portion – just like the Corporation for National and Community Service – took the biggest hit under the bill.   It is critical that we mobilize to restore spending for service.  Congress has to make several difficult decisions in the next two weeks and restoring the CNCS needs to be high on their list.

Thanks for everything you are doing to mobilize to Save Service in America.


AnnMaura Connolly
Campaign Director
Save Service

This isn’t quite the end yet, but it will take the hard work of the American people to stop this from happening.  Please, sign up for District Day on February 25th.  We MUST make our voices heard if we will make ANY kind of a change to this issue.

-Katrina Henderson (aka mk)


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